The Intermin project has been very active this summer

The Intermin project has been very active this summer. The work package 1 by the University of Leoben (Philipp Hartlieb) has prepared a beta version of the survey that will be launched worldwide. This survey will cover skills and training available at universities and training centers worldwide on raw materials and mining. This survey will result in a database and a search engine where to find the training and teaching places to acquire the skills required by the mining sector globally.

In the month of August Luis Jorda, has made a visit of one week to the Engineering Faculty in Earth Sciences of the ESPOL University of Guayaquil, Ecuador. There he gave several lectures and was kindly received by the dean of the faculty, Dr. Paula Romero. Together they took advantage of the occasion to fill out the provisional online “beta” form of the Intermin project. The dean offered her point of view and feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of it.