What is INTERMIN about?

INTERMIN will create a self-sustainable long-term lasting international network of training centres for professionals. This project involves educational and research institutions in the EU and the leading counterparts in third countries, based on specific country expertise in the primary and secondary raw materials sectors. The network will map skills and knowledge in the EU and the third countries, identify key knowledge gaps and emerging needs, develop roadmap for improving skills and knowledge, as well as establish common training programmes in the raw materials sectors. In line with the EU’s strategy for international co-operation in research and innovation (COM(2012)497), the consortium will seek international collaboration, fostering and exploring synergies with the relevant EU Member States initiatives.

Representation of contextual environment and logical approach of INTERMIN


INTERMIN will create a feasible, long-lasting international network of technical and vocational  training centres for mineral raw materials’ professionals. Specific objectives:

  • Develop common metrics and reference points for quality assurance and recognition of training;
  • Develop a comprehensive competency model for employment across the primary and secondary raw materials sector;
  • Introduce an international qualification framework for technical and vocational training programmes;
  • Create a conceptual framework for the development of joint educational training programmes based on present and future requirements by employers;
  • Create and launch a joint international training programme by a merger of competences and scope of existing training programmes;
  • Optimize future interaction and collaboration in Europe and internationally with the help of the INTERMIN online educational platform.

To build up this network INTERMIN will signpost critical disconnects between available education and employers’ needs, and it will advance short and medium-term actions to close current skills’ gaps and enhance existing education and training at the international level. On the long-term, INTERMIN will enable mutual recognition of curricula, and will foster cooperation between employers, educational institutions and professional organisations to craft technical and vocational training programmes that offer continuing professional development and address future qualifications and skills’ needs.

The INTERMIN international network of technical and vocational training centres for professionals will ensure that common resources are leveraged to their best potential to create training programmes that match the needs of raw materials’ employers and professionals, in a sustainable objective. Collaboration will take full advantage of specialisation/capabilities of the network members, communication technologies and globalisation, hence using the Educational platform to deliver interactive online services that provide trainers and learners with information, tools and resources to support and enhance training delivery and management.

Consortium competences to respond to the specific call aims and create the international network of training centres for raw materials’ professionals.