INTERMIN. Find your future 🌐 – The official video 2 about the Geologist

The International Network of Raw Materials Training Centres (INTERMIN) Project is a European Union H2020 funded research project. The INTERMIN creates a self-sustainable long-term lasting global network of training centres for students and professionals in the primary and secondary raw materials sector. This project involves educational and research institutions on a global scale. INTERMIN has identified the key knowledge gaps, emerging needs in education & training by establishing common training programmes in the raw materials sector, and has developed the roadmap for improving skills and knowledge.

Explore Programs: INTERMIN is a database about mining training. We collect knowledge about mining teaching all around the world and rank the best programs.

Explore Institutions: INTERMIN is also a worldwide network. Our members are Institutions around the world offering mining knowledge programs.

Explore Sites: Explore the worldwide study programs covering all training areas about mining.

Join the INTERMIN Portal: If your institution has training and/or educational programs related to raw materials, please join the INTERMIN Network by registering in our database.

Official video 1 of ‘INTERMIN. Find your future 🌐’ about Mining Engineering, here: