International Qualification Framework for the Raw Materials Sector

The Intermin project has been working on a comprehensive competency model for an international sectoral framework for the raw materials sector (SQF-RM) for improving relevance, transparency and coherence between qualifications minerals value chain and the corresponding international recognition.

The SQF-RM emcompasses diverse learning achievement and education pathways across professions that intersect in the raw materials space. To embrace the existing broad spectrum of approaches to the regulation of professions within the raw materials sector, the SQF-RM uses as a reference the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The level descriptors of the SQF-RM are detailed accordingly with the main areas of activity of the sector: 1) mineral exploration; 2) mineral extraction and processing; and 3) material engineering and recycling, as thoroughly described in the Deliverable 3.1. Each qualification defined within the architecture proposed for the SQF-RM is referenced to a specific level on the EQF (including levels 3 to 7), describing sets of learning outcomes, i.e. knowledge, skills and autonomy/responsibility.

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